London 2012 a year on

The news comes through

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A year ago a colleague and I wandered down to Trafalgar Square to watch the announcement about who would host the 2012 Olympics. The place was packed and had been filling up for hours. As the announcer stated London the place erupted with cheers and claps and then got filled with tickertape. London was up for a celebration and the papers the next day were filled with quotes and stories about how the Olympics would make a difference, how much everyone was looking forward to it. Forget the politics, the money issues, delays or any of the thigns that could go wrong, it was a week to look forward. The events that next day stopped that feeling in its tracks.

So this week we have the dichotomy in the news again, with Lord Coe on the news this morning promoting a day of celebration in Trafalgar Square; tomorrow will be a day of remembrance

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