Hope: Privacy is Dead

I was looking forward to the Privacy is Dead panel at Hope today. Someone had volunteered to be the target and Steve Ramban, from Pallorium Ltd, had spent time gathering all the information he could, producing about a 500 page dossier. Instead, we were told that Steve had been arrested the evening before by FBI agents, who had come into a session he was giving the day before and led him away in handcuffs. Nothing further was known (or at least given out at the conference) The session after was supposed to be Kevin Mitnik, but he has apparently been taken ill in Columbia. Yet a third seesion was cancelled due to a power cut in Queens 😉

A session that did take place was Coupon Hacking, a fun talk about Sam Pocker’s advertures with couplons and his drive to use the system to get stuff for free. For example, buying a car load of Sunny Delight at 2 dollars a bottle, taking off the the lables to get 4 movie tickes for 4 lables and then leaving the whole lot in the supermarket carpark as he could not get anyone to take it away. Less a lesson on how to use the system than a series of anecdotes about the life – but very funny and had the packed house laughing.

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