Rooney returns

During the England-Sweden match today (great first half..second half they needed shooting!) the ESPN commentators made one of their random remarks that I so try and ignore about Wayne Rooney being plastered all over billboards and papers with the cross of St George. This made no sense until I say this post from W&K explaining the campaign. The image below (gratuitously taken from the W&K blog to avoid hotlinking) is plastered on a 20m by 30m billboard next to the M4; I’ve been along this road a lot and it can be a nightmare – I wonder how much of a jam they caused this morning when it was rolled out?


After being trailered yesterday, the Lynx advert is up for real today. The video is streamed – pity about the completely poor quality and the lack of controls… being abel to pause the video has to be good practice.

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