Corporate Culture Clashes

As an alcohol company, my previous employer could never refer to drinking to excess in any of its communications and that included all the internal ones. So if we were having a team night out or a party, we would always be invited to have a few drinks…responsibly. An dthis would be followed by all the sensible drinking advice, plus details of any taxi arrangements to ge thome etc. This has become so drummed into me that I automatically respond with the term ‘responsibly’ to any suggestion of having a few drinks…although I usually manage just to keep it in my head and not say it outloud.

So when I read an invite to a party from current clients that makes it a lot more clear having a lot of fun and drinking a lot, I had to take a reality check..many other corporate cultures treat alcohol realistically in what it can do instead of having to meet a legal and social responsibility line, which is really believed in, but forced upon them by a litigious world which means they can’t say things the same way.

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