Digital assassin

Our digital assassin

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I spent some of yesterday at the WeMedia conference hosted by the BBC. I was one of about 30 so-called ‘digital assassins’ bought in to tell the ‘suits’ how it really is with media consumption for news and entertainment. Not sure how well it went down overall, but as I ended up on a table that was defintiely not suits, but bloggers and geeks in the main, not much of what I said seemed to be a surpise. But that’s what you get sitting on a table near the powerpoints, with everyone plugged in and online.

The picture was taken by Julie, who was the facilitor for the table.

2 thoughts on “Digital assassin

  1. Me and Sarah Blow owe you a drink for your mentioning of geekdinners.

    My experience of suits at my table was not so smooth or friendly, really should write it up

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