Mix06 – first day

Finally got in..America West landed early and it was an easy trip to town. Unlike some of the UK journalists who got stuck in LA for a long time after their planes got cancelled. Got wirelessed up and checked feeds, saw Ben’s post on the strangeness of this place. Entirely agree..sitting down at the bar to get a drink after the flight, I was confronted with in-bar touch screens to play whilst I drink – not quite what I’m used to. Far too many slot machines for comfort – but at least I have somewhere to put the pennies!

First morning was a keynote from Bill Gates and then presentations about IE and the next web browser. A couple of announcements:

  • a new version of IE7 beta to download (pity the installer chashed the first time round!)
  • new Atlas Licence and developer kit to download for free. Now everyone can use the kit to build Atlas (Ajax) technologies.

There was a very neat demonstration of building an Atlas web app onstage – looks so easy to do even to me, a complete non coder.


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