Mix06 – AdCenter

A failry short presentation about the Adcentre works. Targeted at online advertisers, both the small and the large, Adcenter is a way of managing campaigns. It’s an area that Microssoft are focusing heavily on and have a lot of research minds focused on the net generation.

Currently, the drive is on to gieve better targeted information about consumer behaciour, so that advertisers can understand why people are clicking, not just what they are clicking. The case study shown was about ‘bleach’, which would be targettted at 28-45 yo women. But the search behaviour showed that it was far younger men who were clicking – becuase Bleach is also the name of a manga character. Undersntading that allowed the customer to target the ad, remove geographies and other terms from the search and therefore be more effective in RoI.

They also demonstrated new ad techniques – adding hotspots/ads to IPTV/digital TV to allow users to rollover specific spots on the video and then link out to the web pages – ie like some clothing being worn by your favourite star? If the video has been tagged you can click and link out and find out about it – and hopefully buy. And as it’s IPTV, then the programme would have been paused and you can go back to the point to continue watching. Some clever stuff coming out there.


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