Linked In Bloggers

I belong to a newsgroup for bloggers on Linked In. Many of the members use blogging to drive and support their business, so there is a lot of great information passed around about what makes a good post, how to advertise, how to get traffic. One of the things suggested is the equivalent of of a Carnivale, where there is a flurry of posts and links about a specific subject. In this case, it’s suggested that we focus on a random members blog and comment about it. Well the first one is this week and it turns out to be Itzy.

One of the good things about this process is the encouragement to discover and read other group members blogs and this is one that I will descibe to. Work email is a nightmare at this moment, as it is coming in at a faster rate than I can ‘file’ and close down to be archived before I leave; in the meantime, the Gmail account is getting some massages as I work on labelling and filtering to ensure the right ones get read. There’s some great tips in this blog to work through. One other thing, it reminds me I really have to set up the other blog, the one that is related to the business and not the randomness (but fun) that appears here.

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