Home Time

Time to go home. After 4 weeks on the road, time to get back to reality, which means getting a job, earning some money and being able to pay the mortgage. It’s been a fun few weeks, with New York, San Francisci, Austin, Las Vegas and back to San Francisco.

Things I’ve learnt?

  • even if you know you are going to about 3 different climates, you still pack too much…and internal flights charge you for the excess baggage even if I’ve only got half of what is allowed on the international fligh.
  • pick the right town and you would not need to pay for for web access…although the cost of the coffee you’d need to buy to justify sitting all day in a cafe may just make the home access cheaper. More free spots in London please.
  • Las Vegas is mad. I’d have to have a very good reason to go back and it would not be gambling. I never got round to it, despite watching people lose/win a few hundred or more. But the Bellagio fountains are the best show in town – avoid the pirate at Treasure Island as far too much crushing.
  • Helipcopters are cool. Loved my frist flight – need to work out how to go again.
  • Austin is weird..in a good way. Have to go back next year..and next time may try a car to get out and about a bit more.
  • Dodgeball and Upcoming appear essential for SanFran – not so much call for it in London currently, but I can see it growing.
  • it’s not nice being on the receiving end of Tall Poppy Syndrome . Watching 2 bloogers being hit this week, I’m glad I’m fairly low key
  • Although I could so easily live in San Francisco, I could not afford to – the prices look worse than London

I am so not looking forward to the jetlag that a 9 hour time difference is goign to bring..not goign to be a fun week

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