Hi Calories

The Metro today features a high calory desert that is getting food campaigners up in arms – despite first appearing on the BBC food site over 2 years ago. It may be tied into the news that chocolate companies are going to increase the amount of information on packs to ensure we are educated about the damage we are going to do to a diet. Which means if you try and cook the Snickers Pie (I still mentally call these Marathons when I see the package) you’ll be able to tell what the 1250 calories per slice are doing to you. The pie is made up of mascarpone, soft cheese, caster sugar, eggs and 5 Snickers bars – all mixed together and just melted. A mix that may be just too much for me.

But it could be the perfect thing to cook for my sister as a treat. She’s just had a baby boy, the first male born into the direct family for 60 years – so something to celebrate. I have 2 sisters, 2 aunts, 2 nieces and 5 female cousins.

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