Green Day Mashups

One of my favourite songs this year has been a mashup of Green Day, Oasis and Aerosmith, called Boulevard of Broken Dreams. It’s a track from American Edit, a album of mashups from American Idol, with other artists such as Queen and even Doctor Who. The full album has been on the web for the past few weeks, until it got taken down earlier this week after Cease and Desist notices to Dean Gray who made the mixes. Which is a wasted opportunity. There was no financial gain from the creative work (the mixers asked for charitable contributions) and it gave a different audience for the original works. I’d never heard the Green Day album but I enjoyed the mixes enough to want and go out and get the original..but maybe not.

With similarities to the promotion around the Grey Album, a protest day is now being organised for 13 Dec, where the album will be made available for 24 hours for download. Go grab it when you have a chance – it’s a great set of songs.

One thought on “Green Day Mashups

  1. i love the album 2 dude, but its boulevard of broken songs, simple mistake, the dr who track is from and earlier remix of the dr who theme, and get american idiot. i love the album more then american edit, and i liove american edit. its a rock opera, so dont skip around to much when you first get it, but its truly a masterpiece.