2005 Blogged

I picked up a copy of Tim Worstall’s new book 2005 Blogged: Dispatches from the Blogosphere at the weekend. Surprisingly easy to find, as it was placed on the Payment Counter in the Richmond branch of Waterstones. And even better – it’s in the 3 for 2 offer.

A look back over the past year through the eyes of British writers, there a lot of stuff that is new to me (but then again, I have not really tended to subscribe to many of the ‘political’ blogs quoted). Throughout, the editorial choices reflect great writing. The chronological order of the postings allows you to dip in and out, sampling particular moments; going to July 7 the pieces picked show the spirit that shone thought many postings at that time – defiance. I fully recommend this book – it could be a great present to get someone interested in reading blogs.

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