A Tale of Hope

I’ve been following Clayton Cubbitt’s Operation Eden blog, about his family’s life after Hurricane Katrina destroyed their home. Today, he posts about an act of generosity

I received the email from a guy named Kenny…In it, he told me how his “sweetie”, Elizabeth, had stumbled upon Operation Eden, and how she related to my mom’s life, and to her plight, and had been moved to tears by this post. He told me about how they had been aching to reach out and help someone that had been displaced by Katrina since the storm first hit, and had, like many others, been rebuffed by bureaucrats. He told me Elizabeth’s daughter, Toni Marie, had just purchased a rental property, and wanted to offer it to my mom and little brother for a year, rent free, until we could rebuild my mom’s Eden.

With officialdom’s failure to get to grips with the problems, hope can come from unexpected sources. Read Rachel’s story about the group that has formed post the London bombings to see the same kind of support.

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