Rude Britain

From Rude Britain, a book by Rob Bailey and Ed Hurst, here’s what they consider the top 10 rudest place names in Britain. The authoirs have listed 100 real places, taken photos of the the place signs and done some research into the origins of the name – whilst maintaining a well-honed sense of humour. Take a look – a potential fun Christmas present*

10 Slag Lane – a street in Haydock Merseyside
9 Shitterton – a hamlet in Dorset
8 Back Passage – an alley in City of London
7 Fingringhoe – a village in Essex
6 Muff – a village in County Derry
5 Sandy Balls – in Hampshire
4 Twatt – a cillage in Orkney
3 Bell End – a street in Rowley Regis, W Mids
2 Minge Lane -a street in Upton upon Severn, Worcs,
1 Cocks – a village in Cornwall

*if the shops in Oxford Street are already selling Christmas cards, wrapping and ‘seasonal’ presents, then I can mention it!

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