Round up 3 Sept

The BBC have an article about the recent Flick and Yahoo identify spat. This one has a long way to go; I’m not going to switch again until they have eased the login issues and ensured any changes to ToS are not disadvantageous.

Via, hackdiary has an article about a new tool that can take text lists and produce a map of how they interconnect. It uses wikipedia and seach engines to make the connections.

Technorati have released into beta a new listing service; blogs are classified, either via their categories or via a self-classification method and then can be searched for and listed. So currently, I’m number 40 on a list such as London, but the rnakings will all change as more blogs get listed and get classified. this is the niche listings that I was thinking about before. However, it still uses the parameter of number of links/sources, so does not move towards a move community/respect type of ranking that has been talked about.

Great British Football team – we don’t have one. The individual nations seem to be quite happy palying as England, Ireland, Scotand and Wales. But it looks like we are going to have to have one for the Olympics, with Fifa declaring that we must.

After his experimental marketing of The Big Moo, Seth Godin now has his next book, Knock Knock, available on line to read for free. The sequal (which has to be called Who’s There…) will follow shortly.

The winners of Simply Fired have been announced. The winner’s story was about being fired for finishing off a piece of pizza leftover from colleague’s lunch. He wins a Caribbean cruise – hopefully all inclusive so he waon;t be inclined to ‘borrow’ someone elses food!

3 thoughts on “Round up 3 Sept

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  2. Happy playing as England, Scotland, Wales and “Northern” Ireland you mean

  3. Yep, right – for football it is Northern Ireland. Caught out on how little I know about football. I kno win Rugby and rowing it’s Ireland