Job Hunting

I’m currently looking for another job, which is interesting as I realise I have never had to do it properly before. The recent resolution of the long-running re-organisation in the company has been a catalyst in me taking a look at where I am. Given I have been in the same company for 14 years, I believe it is time for a new challenge.

When I first joined, it was straight from university and the recruitment was via the milkround – companies going out to universities and presenting a good show to attract graduates to apply to them. Since then, I think I have applied for one role externally (which was actually to a company that ended up being bought by my current one 12 months later!) but everything else has been internal.

So now I am in a busy period of understanding how the job market works, the best places to look for work and polishing my presentation, whilst applying for a number of roles. And then waiting. There’s definitely a black hole in recruitment companies; you can tell how systemised a company is by whether they have an automated ‘we’ve received your CV’ email, others have nothing. But they all appear to have enthusiastic screeners for the first ‘chat’! I’m not sure where I’m going to end up, but I’m going to make the most of the journey.

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