Tuesday, I had comfortably set a new record for policemen seen in any one place for me. I counted 22 in my walk across the concourse of Waterloo station and down into the Tube system. Today, that number pales into insignificance. I started off the day with a first – 5 police at the Train Station; it appeared to be 2 pairs and their boss. The boss had the posher hat. Most stops along the way had their own police guarding the platforms. Then at the end of the journey, there were 38 police wondering round in groups, loitering in corners, making their presence felt. Two more were found down on the Tube platform – these were obviously the special ones; not only had they been allowed past the ticket barriers but they were dressed in black (no unfashionable yellow day-glo jackets) and carrying very, very big guns.

All these man-made troubles at home, but nature continues to out do us all. In India, the current toll is 430 dead from monsoons that managed to dump over 37 inches of water onto an area yesterday. That’s more rain in a day than the UK normally gets in a year.

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