Human behaviour

Comparing last night’s get together with one that took place earlier, where Robert Scoble was the speaking guest, there were definitely differences. Last night had a far higher proportion of women, I’m guessing attracted to the Marketing label instead of the Geek one. I saw far fewer cameras and far more notebooks – a lot of people took notes throughout Seth’s speach. I’d even go as far as saying the dress sense was more ‘business’ like than previously. Rick Segal and I were discussing doing a straw poll about why people attended and how they heard about it – but we did not really get much further than just discussing and never took the poll.

One thing that was completely the same was the behaviour a the start of the evening, where everyone stayed on one half of the room and did not move past an invisible barrier provided by a couple of columns. So, everyone huddled, a little cramped at times and did not break the line until food was served.


4 thoughts on “Human behaviour

  1. To be honest I am not suprised, I don’t think there are actually that many female geeks around. Just to prove me wrong, I have suggested a female only geek dinner… spread the word.

    Marketing geeks are also invited… but so long as they can talk technical if necessary. We are also looking for a high profile female geek to headline it… Know any good speakers?

    Do you think we can pull this one off?

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