Harry Potter

I picked up the new Harry Potter over the weekend (along with the rest of the 3% of the population who also bought it). It’s nice to see that free enterprise is alive and well, as copies flooded Mumbai on Monday. However, they were not as fast as the digital copies; the book was scanned, OCD’d, proofread and online in less than 24hours.

The book was as expected, no great literary effort, could have done with a good editor but still a great read. I think JK Rowling has been using a tablet PC. The Spellchecer quills, which you use by tapping them on the scroll sound remarkably like the text recognisiton software/pen combination.

One thought on “Harry Potter

  1. Due to some problems over here with not opened stores at midnight (and the fact that I have to make all the tools for budget 2006), I expect my amazon ordered copy to arive perhaps tomorow or the day after – but ready for the weekend.

    Now that I know what to search for, I will especially look forward to reading it ;)))