U2 Concert

U2 at Twickenham. Great concert, very tight in timing, songs from all the albums. Fun, fun night.


The evening started off quite early. I had hospitality tickets from one of the corporate partners, so we started off the day with a three-course meal and plenty of wine. Given the temperature yesterday, I was quite happy sitting in air-conditioning. So I missed the support band, except for their last song. I have no idea who they were, but they sounded good.

U2 arrived on stage on time, with a minimum of fuss. In previous tours they’ve arrived with various fanfares, but this time they walked straight onto stage without any music, before launching stright into the first song (I think it was Vertigo – my memory blurs the order). Songs from almost every album followed. My favourites were Running to Stand Still, I Still haven’t Found… and Vertigo, which also closed the concert.

We had seats up in the stands, pretty close to the front of the arena. Although close enough to see a lot of the band on the stage, the angle meant that we only had a partial view of the backdrop, which really got a work out as the light dimmed. so we missed some of the messages. During the first half, there were little lights used – it was pointless as it was still bright. However, darkness came and the lights were used to wonderful effect.

I think I worked out how to get tickets in the ‘enclosure’ in front of the stage. You obviously have to pass a fitness test. The peope here spent most of the concert jumping up and down waving their arms, for the full 2 hours.

The concert finished right on time (Twickenham curfew); unlike previous concerts I’ve been to, it contained very little of Bono going off on one. The one appeal was kept short, relating to Africa, the G8 summit and the Make Poverty History Campaign. Interestingly, they encouraged people to make their voice known by texting a message. I wonder in how many countries they are using this device, where it will work. Almost everyone there had mobiles, so guess the texts peak every concert night at about that time.

After the concert it was back to the suite for a few more drinks before braving the roads to get home. Shuttle buses were running back to the nrearest station (Richmond). No taxis there, so I ended up walking the last few miles.

There are pictures here. I also took a couple of short videos – which will go up soon.

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