Skype: Malthe Sigurdsson – reboot

“An application you use to talk through the internet. For free. Forever”

(or at least until the next thing arrives!) It’s about enhacing comms, not just replacing.

They call it a small big company, with around 160 people in 15 countries.

They use a wiki for company knowledge

They want to maintain diversity, avoiding white boys form northern europe – need ot keep knowledge of the BRIC markets.

Driven from a feeling of being ripped off from telco compnaies (both founders were ex-telco)

Currently there are45 million registered users, between 2-3 million users on line, with 10 billion minutes server.. No money on getting customers. They get lots of passionate customers.

“the brand is the product is the brand” so the product has to be good; little focusing on “marketing” means the product tells the story.

“do simple things really well”.similar to yesterdays talk about breaking things down, focusing on getting results, short term aims that you can see things happening. Get the simple things right first, then you can build on it. Keep releasing.

Skype is viral – there’s no point in being on it unless you have someone to talk to. And they use viral methods, videos and banners etc – encouraging people to talk via Skype and ask questions

Not much more than yesterdays on Basecamp, but with a less charismatic speaker. Least there’s only a few slides. And a cool little viral video. Not too much beyond an ad for rhe compnay. SO what’s next?/

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