One thought on “Podshows

  1. I was horrified to read on the BBC site (at that “In two years’ time this is the way people will consume radio” ie it will be the norm for people to PAY to receive radio broadcasts.

    I’ve heard it proposed that, as more and more material is going to be delivered via the internet, the licence fee might be replaced with an internet charge. Does this statement mean that this is a move in a direction which would INCLUDE a charge for radio as well as TV? Radio is currently free and do not want to see charges levied via the back door.

    I think a saturation point is going to be reached about charging for entertainment. We already pay to receive every TV channel except those on freeview, on top of paying for books, films and music.

    There is only so much disposable income available for entertainment. In two years’ time the baby boomers are going to start retiring and living on reduced incomes. At the other end of the market, young people are going to be paying more and more on rent and mortgages, reducing the amount available for entertainment.

    The piece I’m commenting on read and felt like so much PR hype. I hope I’m right.

    Phyllis Brighouse