The Old and the New

Old communication channels are embracing the new. There was a time in many countries where the church was the centre of a person’s community. This appears to be less so now, but religion is managing to use newer technology to get the message across. Godcasts are becoming one of the more popular flavours of podcasts; religious themes on your media player of choice, according to this story on the bookofjoe.

In another use, Adrants are reporting that ministries are using comparisons with Halo2 to spread the word, as the storyline is apparently like a Bible story.

And to bring us right up to date, Amazon are selling a 30TB Tablet – or they were for a wee while until the typo got noticed. Over on Seth’s blog he thought that it would have disappeared by now, but it seems the PTB at Amazon have left the entry up there, so you can read some of the very funny reviews that got put up

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