Hoax or not?

Is this a hoax, and April Fools stunt or something else.

A story over at Boing Boing about a IM-ing student requesting someone else to write their essay – and their oh-so-nearly saviour blogging the whole exchange and exposing her on the web and to her school could be real or could be a hoax – however, if an April Fool’s day funny, they’re definitely living in a completly different timezone ot the rest of us…it’s a least another 2 days until April 1 where I am.

Update: as Impied said, Boing Boing were calling it a hoax, but the latest response was it was not, but it was a blogging incident that grew far more than the author intended. But confusion still reigns. The latest is here.

One thought on “Hoax or not?

  1. Not sure, the updated BoingBoing claims it is. A search of the college site reveals no mention of a Laura Pahl and their dean’s list isn’t online. They do have christianity and world religions class, but it sounds a bit farfetched to me, really.