Things to do in 2015

What to do in 2015? I’m lucky, very lucky in that I earn enough, have my health and have time to do a lot of things that I want to do. But when I came to write down my ambitions for the year, I found it hard to write, I’m not sure I have any grand targets for this year. So instead, inspired by this 100 Things to Do in 2015 list I saw (via Ewan on Facebook) I’m just going to compile a list of large and small things. The first set are all stuff that has already been booked and I’ll be adding to it throughout the year.

  1. Go and watch the Singapore GP. All planned, holiday time booked, just need to book the actual tickets/flights
  2. See orangutangs. As part of the trip to Singapore, I want to go to Borneo, see the rainforest and see orangutangs
  3. Run across the Golden Gate Bridge. I’m going to California, I need to do this as part of my running
  4. Visit Yosemite park, as part of same trip
  5. Run the Paris Marathon. I’ve entered and training is full speed ahead
  6. Run 4 half marathons. I’ve got 2 booked in the first part of the year, I’ll add some more in the autumn.
  7. Hit my running targets – sub 4:15 marathon, sub 2 hrs half marathon, sub 55 10k.
  8. Go to the theatre 4 times. One has been booked (American Buffalo with Damien Lewis)
  9. Visit at least 15 more restaurants on my Michelin list. I’ve started working my way round the Michelin starred restaurants in London; it’s going to take time, but I’ll get there. Oh, and at least 1 on the Michelin list in any places I visit.
  10. Finish the London LOOP walk. hard to do when marathon training, but I’ll squeeze it in somehow. Only another 74 miles to go
  11. Visit 2 more cathedrals. Still got so many to go in the UK. In 2014, I only managed 2 and they were in Canada.
  12. Paint a picture. I used to paint, I even occasionally produced something that was worth showing, so let’s get back into it.
  13. Join a painting group or go on a painting weekend. Suggested by Caroline to help with the challenge above
  14. Try to go longer with the weekly blogposts. Did Ok this year, but still did not make the full year. Must try harder.
  15. Be able to hold the Plank for 2mins. I don’t do nearly enough core work, this is a target to aim for
  16. Do more photography. I take a lot of photos, I need to improve how I actually take them, so get practicing and read the manuals!
  17. Read one ‘serious’ book a month (this isn’t a reading ambition as in read more, it’s to vary what I read and get more serious non-fiction books in there)