Penzer St

As my parents have all the old records of the land they currently own/have a house on, I thought I’d try and pull it all together..


An indenture was made on the 5th December 1846 between Edward Addenbrooke Addenbrooke (Esquire) of the Parish of Kingswinford, Staffs in the first part, Frederick Jarvis (Iron Bundler) of the same parish in the second part and Joseph Young (Cooper) of Holloway End in the parish of Oldswinford, Staffs in the third part.

Addenbrooke sold the land to Jarvis, but reserved the mines and mineral rights under the land, for the sum of £17 and 10 shillings the leasehold of the property. The land was previously called Great Hartel Field (could be Martel) but now a Blacksmiths. the piece is 40 yards on North side and 40 yards on south side. It is next to premises of Joseph William Adlington. On the east, leading out from the Stourbridge and Wolverhampton Turnpike Road 5 yards or thereabouts and the same width on on the west end, next to premises of Jennings. In the whole, it is 200 square yards or thereabouts. The land formed part of the Bradley Hall Estate, owned by Addenbrooke. It was formerly occupied by Mary Taylor (widow) and Thomas Taylor.

The use of the land appears to then be removed from Joseph Young. (I think, the legalese gets convoluted, so not 100% sure)

Throughout the document, it appears that Frederick Jarvis was supposed to be Edward Jarvis, but it got replaced – either it was a mistake or the buyer changed,

The document refers to previous Indentures.

  • Jan 21st and 22nd 1805. Between John Addenbrooke Addenbrooke (since deceased), Elizabeth his wife, Edward Addenbrooke Addenbrooke in the first part, Charles Constable in the second part and Michael Grazebrook in the third part.
  • Jan 19th and 20th 1815. Between John and Edward Addenbrooke Addenbrooke in the first part, John Pidcock Esq and Emma PIdcock (spinster) in the second part and John Addenbrooke and John Henry Pidcock in the third part.
  • July 18th 1839. Between John Addenbrooke and John Henry Pidcock of the first part, Edward Addenbrooke Addenbrooke and Emma his wife in the second part of Edward Addenbrooke Addenbrooke in the third part.


An Indenture dated 15th February 1847 between Frederick Jarvis of Townend in Kingswinford and James Barnett Aston of Wombourne. This is less readable than the previous version, but relates to the building of a Dwellinghouse and outbuildings for the sum of £70, a mortgage due to James Barnett Aston.


A Conveyance of Messuage and Heriditaments dated 1 January 1849 at Towns End in the Parish of Kingswinford. It is between James Barnett Aston gentleman of Wombourne in the first part, Frederick Jarvis, Iron Bundler, late of Towns End Kingswinford but now of Tipton in the second part; James Taylor, Blacksmith, of Brockmoor, Staffs in the third part and John Weston, Huckster, of Towns End Kingswinford in the fourth part.

At this point, the £70 as still owed to Aston, but all the interest was paid to date. Now Jarvis is contracting with Taylor for the absolute sale of the land for the sum of £85, out of which the £70 due to Aston will be paid. The land here is noted as being previously called Great Warthill Field and now Blacksmith’s Piece. It re-iterates that it is 40 yards long, between a Blacksmith’s piece owned by Edward Addenbrooke Addenbrooke and and next to premises of Joseph William Adlington, 5 yards wide next to the newly laid out Stourbridge and Wolverhampton Turnpike Rd and the same width westwards next to land of William Timmings and in the whole 200 square yards, except the mines and minerals as mentioned in the first indenture.


An agreement made 15th February 1872 between John Gould (Gentleman) of Petworth, Sussex in the first part, Zachariah Shakespeare of Kingswinford, Stafford, of the second part, William Witton, Accountant Clark, of Kingswinford in the third part, Thomas Reading, Pattern Maker, of Shut End in the fourth part and John Richard Salter Elcock, gentleman, of Stourbridge, Worcs in the fifth part.

James Taylor, Blacksmith Commonside, Staffs, by means of his last will and testament, dates 26th April, 1851 gave all his messauges etc belonging to the occupation of Edward Bate of Dawley Brook in the parish of Kingswinford to his wife Charlotte Taylor. His wife and John Weston, Shopkeeper, of Towns End were executors of his will. James Taylor dies on 6th November 1855. Will was proved in Lichfield on 6th march 1856. There is an indenture dated 26th July 1869 (not in pack) between Charlotte Taylor of the first part, Charlotte Taylor and John Weston of the second part and William Mullett of the third part; Mullett held a mortgage of £40 for the use of the land.

Charlotte Taylor, by last will and testament dated 15th July 1865. The instructions were to sell the property and she entrusted Shakespeare and Witton to be executors of the will. She died 12 November 1869 and the will was proved on 12 November 1869 at Court of Probate in Lichfield.

An indenture was made 26th Jan 1872 between William Mullett and John Gould for £40. On the 23rd Jan 1872, the property was entered into Public auction at the Cross Inn, Thomas Reading was the highest bidder at £62, out of which £40 will be paid to John Gould. The land had been occupied by Edward Bate and late of David Grey.


A conveyance dated 26th July 1875 between William Cook, Forgeman, of Stourbridge in Worcs in the first part and Thomas Reading Pattern Maker, of Shut End of the second part and Thomas Haslock Richards, Gentleman, of Wollaston, Oldswinford, Worcs in the third part. It refers to an indenture made 19th June 1849 between John Mansell, Labourer, of Kingswinford in the first part and William Cook of the other part, a plot of land( later described) as ascribed by William Cook for the payment of £60. The penalties were described, so that if payment was not made, the land and such could be seized and sold, with 6 months notice in writing. So Cook now sells the land to reading for the sum of £40

The land lies in the parish of Kingswinford, Staffs, formerly part of a piece known as Great Wartell Field then the Blacksmith’s Piece, bounded in front by a street leading out of the Stourbridge Wolverhampton Turnpike, having a frontage of 8yds and 3/4s, at the back by property of William Timmins, by south side by land, dwellinghouse and garden formerly owned by Joseph Taylor and on the north side by other land formerly of Edward Addenbrooke Addenbrooke. It is 40yards in depth and contains 350 square yards or thereabouts, with messuage, tenement and outoffices which are currently vacant. It includes access via the aforementioned street.


A deed of Appointment and Conveyance made 29th September 1947 between Frank Powis, retired Licensee, of 180 Gravelley Lane, Erdington, Warwick of the first part (the Apponter), Millie Raybould of 134 High St, Brierley Hill, of the second part (the new Trustee), Frank Powis and Millie Raybould (the vendors) of the third part and Alice Eggington of 49 Moss Grove, Kingswinford, wife of Ernest Eggington (the purchaser) in the fourth part.

Thomas Reading, Pattern Maker, late of Shut End, Pensnett made his will dated 23rd April 1880, appointing Paul Pearce and Richard Reading as executors, to pay income to his wife and then daughter Ann Caswell. He died 12th August 1880 and will was proved 16th September 1880 in Probate Court Lichfield. Richard Reading died 5th February 1895, Paul Pearce died 24th April 1898. Pearce appointed Isabelle Poyner (Tomlinson), a neice, as his executrix. On 13 June 1901 Isabella appinted David Wall to be the Trustee of the will of Reading and vested Wall and Powis and joint tenants in fee simple of the property.

Ann Caswell died 4th July 1910, having 6 children,

  • Annie Reading Caswell, died 29 Jan 1947
  • Thomas Reading Caswell, died 1947
  • Phoebe Reading Caswell, died 11 April 1947
  • Lily Reading Caswell, Died btw 1923 and 1947
  • John Reading Caswell, died 24th April 1919, a widower, intestate, Estate granted to Annie Reading.
  • George Reading Caswell.Died 11 June 1923, died intestate.

David Wall died 4 January 1923.

By the Property Act 1925, no conveyance had been executed by the Trustee in favour of the children and the property became vested in the Appointer. Powis agreed the the sale of the property for the sum of £250. Raybould was appointed a new Trustee, to carry out the sale.

The property has a frontage of 5 yards on Penzer St and 40yrds depth on each side. It was late in the occupation of David Guy and is now known as No 1 Penzer St, and in occupation of William Roberts. A second property has a frontage of 8 and 3/4 yards to Lower Penzer St, 40 yrds in depth, now known as No 2 Lower Penzer St, occupied by Sarah Rose Tetsill.


A conveyance was made 15th August 1950 between Alice Eggington of 49 Moss Grove, Kingswinford of the one part and Arthur White of 3 Dudley Rd, Wall Heath and Dorathy Barbara White his wife on the other part.

The property was sold for £275. It had a frontage of 5yrds to Penzer St and a depth of 40yrds, plus messuage/dwellinghouse and ourbuildings, known as No 1 Penzer st in the occupation of William Roberts. Second property had a frontage of 8 and 3/4 yrds, to Penzer St (formerly Lower Penzer St), 40yrds in depth, with the messuage tenement and outoffices. and know as No 2 Penzer St and in the occupation of Sarah Rose Tetsill.

I’m not including names for the rest of the transfers…they’re probably all still alive


A Conveyance made 21st April 1961. The property was transferred to a firm, a Building Contractors for the price of £600 (they were a set of brothers). The land was of 5 yards frontage to Penzer St and 40yrds depth, now being known as 81 Penzer St and was void at the time. The second parcel of land, with a frontage of 8 3/4 yrds to Penzer St, 40yrds depth, and now known as 83 Penzer St and was now void. (the mines and minerals were still not included in any sale). A planning application for the building of 2 houses on the property had been made in March 1961 but had been refused 17 March 1961 due to insufficient detail being submitted.


In a conveyance dated 21st March, the building firm sold the property to a relative, another brother, living at the same address as the company, for a price of £630. Now the 2 pieces of land were sold together, having a frontage of 13 3/4 Yards to Penzer St, and 40yrds in depth. The properties on the land had been demolished. Permissions was granted around 18 June 1962 for the erection of a detached house.


Permission was granted for a 2 story extension to the rear of the house.


The property was next sold in 1987 for £51,250


It was sold to my parents in 2000.